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We show you the road to Character Centered Communication
With our playbook, the LIFE Languages™ System, your team will be running a smooth offense and hitting the end zone time after time!
Showing your staff the best character development system on the market, you will be able to say good-bye to the office back-stab!
Taking the slow and steady approach, we will show your group the LIFE Languages™ System Communication Key to Success.
Let us fireproof your organization! With our program, your team will be ready to extinguish those fires together! No more backdrafts!
We will kick it off with a little pep-rally: a workshop, giving you an overview of the KLLP and the LIFE Languages™ System.
With a KLLP™ for everyone on your team, we will be ready to get started. Soon, your office will be on the way to victory!
Once we've taken you through our entire LIFE Languages™ System you will be flying high together in Character Centered Communication!


Life Languages International™, LLC (LLI), provides testing, seminars, and workshops to strengthen communication skills and help employees, employers, organizations, and departments, discover their LIFE Languages™.  The LIFE Languages System™ teaches the principal of Character Centered Communication empowering you to communicate efficiently, productively and effectively.  LLI is dedicated to “helping you and your business speak the languages of success!” 

Many times, what may appear to be management, racial, gender, class, or other diversity issues actually may only be a communication issue. The LIFE Languages System™ and the KLLP™ (Kendall LIFE Languages Profile ™) can identify the communication challenges and help build effective teams to achieve the maximum efficiency. The goal of the LIFE Languages System™ is to help people (and organizations) reach their full potential through character, communication, and effectiveness.

The most successful way to create a coherent individual and organizational culture is to profile all organizational members from the beginning. By profiling everyone at one time, LLI can provide a directory. The directory lists all persons alphabetically and provides their top three languages and last language with, score, range, and intensity. The directory also includes a summary of the LIFELanguages™ with instructions for effectively applying the insights provided by this analysis.

Through speaking events, workshops and corporate training, LLI has reached over 1000 businesses, corporations, hospitals, churches, schools, colleges, and civic organizations.

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