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LIFE Languages™ International founders, Fred and Anna Kendall


The Kendall’s realized that most family and marriage problems stem from misunderstandings. Couples seemed to be speaking different languages, even when saying the "I Love You!" It was like one was saying “te amo” and the other person was saying “j’taime.”  Both were saying “I love you,” but neither understood the other.

The Kendall’s identified three, then five and finally seven Behavioral Life Languages.  Life Languages are more than just ways of speaking; they are also languages of motivation, behavior, and responding to life.  Couples and families could now identify their own language profile and learn to speak the languages of other family members.


 Fred and Anna Kendall are known nationally and internationally as experts in communication and relationships.  As guest interviews on television shows Dr. Phil and Good Morning America, they have offered their expert advice as hosts or interview guests on more than 800 TV and radio programs. Their interest in helping people understand themselves and others was the catalyst for creating, developing and perfecting an original system of communication known as the 7 Life Languages. They also developed an exceptional measurement instrument (via the internet) that determines ones fluency in the 7 different communication styles, called the Kendall Life Languages Profile, or the KLLP.  This foundational product, the KLLP™, is both diagnostic and prescriptive, providing insightful, positive self-discovery resulting in Character-Centered-Communication.  

With Fred’s education and experience in military science, psychology, psychometrics and business, combined with  Anna’s extensive background in PR, marketing, advertising and communications, the Kendall’s formed LIFE Languages Institute, Inc., ™ in 1995.   They continue to dedicate their lives to creating a comprehensive educational and training organization that helps develop and maintain positive character, excellent communication skills and resourceful effectiveness. 

Fred is the President of Life Languages International, a graduate of New Mexico Military Institute, the University of New Mexico, and one year of law school at Hastings College of Law, San Francisco, while a Marine Corps officer.  Fred served in the USMC Infantry through the rank of Captain and was selected for Major prior to leaving the Corps. 

Fred’s eclectic background covers positions such as: juvenile probation counselor and officer, area and divisional manager of electronics communications companies, hospital management and co-ownership of three psychiatric hospital programs and 17 outpatient centers called LifeCare, located in Ft. Worth TX, Albuquerque NM and Newport Beach CA.  He has served on Advisory Councils and Boards of Director for:  The School of Business – Richland College, Center of Hope – Shelter for women and Children, Union Gospel Rescue Mission for Men, and CFNI –International School and training Center, as well as two churches.  He is also an ordained minister. Fred is a nationally and internationally sought after speaker, conference leader on such subjects as relationships, marriage, character and leadership, and is the author of many books on communication.

 Anna Kendall is the Vice President of Life Languages International, was the Publicist and Personal Executive Assistant to Mary Kay Ash, founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics, Inc., eventually becoming an international Senior Director.   She has hosted and co-hosted many national radio and television talk shows.  She co-hosted the nationwide radio talk show, Point of View,   as well as her own shows, the Christian Home and Love Restores, both dealing with issues of today, and interviewing well known authors and professionals.  Anna hosted a national television talk show on emotional, relational, and professional issues.  The show, LifeCare, was syndicated on network and independent stations.  Today, Anna is seen as a frequent guest co-host on the well-loved Table Talk with Joni Lamb on the international Daystar Television Network.  She is a gifted and popular public speaker and teacher for conferences, seminars, workshops, and speaks at churches for marriage seminars, women’s conferences, singles, etc. on relationships, communication and leadership. Anna is an author of many books on communication and relationships.  

Together, Fred and Anna created and developed successful organizations, among them Marantha Bookstores, Inc. , Family Restoration Network, Inc., and LifeCare  Hospital and Therapy Centers, Inc., where Fred served as President and Director of Operations and Anna’s gifting and background set the course for her role as Vice President and National Marketing / Media Director.   Their eclectic education, broad experiences and entrepreneurial endeavors, prepared them to develop the unique, life changing concept of the 7 LIFE Languages, which is now on 6 continents with over 500 Certified Trainers through the US and the world.

Although everyone speaks all 7 of the LIFE Languages, Fred speaks the Mover LIFE Language as his first and most fluent, while Anna’s speaks Influencer LIFE Language as her strongest, creating a synergistic compatibility.    Married since 1965, their personal journey of better understanding their own and others unique communication styles has developed them as experts in the international field of inter and intra communication and relationships,  helping many individuals, families, groups, and corporate staff reach healthier relationships and greater effectiveness.   

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