The Life Languages System™ Communication Key

Once you have taken and reviewed your KLLP™(Kendall Life Languages Profile™) you will discover that each language has a:

  • Filter                              
  • Need
  • Passion and
  • Key Character Strength

The Key to effectively communicating with every Life Language™ is to: 

  1. Go Through the FILTER
  2. To Meet the NEED
  3. To Ignite the PASSION
  4. And Validate the CHARACTER

Your character and communication determine your attitude.  Your attitude determines the way you think, act, and look. 

In conflict with others we:

  • Disconnect
  • Dis-respect
  • Dis-count

Causing dis-ease and dis-order; it’s no wonder our culture is challenged with rapidly growing disease and disorder!

Through effective communication with others we:

  • Connect
  • Respect
  • Validate

Creating a culture of harmony and health.

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