The Anchor and the Compass

Have you spent years setting goals only to feel you continually fail to hit your mark?  How many times have you reset your goals or deleted goals from your life plan feeling you set your own bar too high? 

For several decades, the focus seems to be on “going” somewhere.  The symbol of the compass is frequently used, suggesting that with your own chosen set of personal values you will reach your destination with clarified goals and written action plans. 

The trouble with this plan for many of us is that as we begin focusing on “going” somewhere, we forget the most important tool – the anchor.  We can have the best compass, always pointing north, we may even follow it continually and accurately, yet when we arrive, we may still miss our True Success. 

In today’s wise counsel, our personally chosen values create our personal compass.  The concerning issue with this plan is that values are relative.  They are relative to our own personal standard of thinking mixed with our surrounding culture and many ever-changing philosophies.  

Personal values, solid goals, a well-laid plan and a gold compass in hand are not bad things, in fact, these are good things and when you take the time to work through these things in your life, that is an excellent choice and your chances for success are remarkably higher than the average person.  These values, goals, plans along with compass-directed maps, however may be taking you somewhere you are not  ready to go. 

FAILURE:  "To the degree that your talent, charisma, education, and success exceed your character development, will be the degree that YOU FAIL." – Fred Kendall, Co-founder-Life Languages International

SUCCESS:  "To the degree that your character exceeds your talent, charisma, education and success, will be the degree that you have TRUE SUCCESS." - Fred Kendall, Co-founder-Life Languages International

An anchor is steady, solid, immovable.  An anchor will keep you steady in a storm.  An anchor will keep you from moving in any direction when you are not quite ready for your next journey.  This is why at Life Languages International we focus on Character Development.  Character is the anchor that will keep you steady in a life storm while you wait for the calm before heading north.

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