How to Develop Character

Positive character acts as an internal regulator, compelling a person to choose what is right, regardless of the potential reward or consequences. 

Character both effects and affects your decisions, work, attitude, goals, relationships, values, boundaries, and actions.  As you build positive character, the outcome of your life becomes more successful.

Like the natural laws of gravity and thermodynamics, there are principles of life that affect our decisions and relationships.  Character is summation of those principles into positive, personal attributes.  These attributes are obtainable, and can be developed.

Technology advances, information expands and the world changes, but the building blocks for producing effective individuals, families, communities, and organizations do not change.  These building blocks are character qualities.

How Do I Build Character

Each of the LIFE Languages™ has its own set of character qualities.  As you think about, meditate on, and talk about your personal KLLP™, the positive character qualities that you want to strengthen can become personal reference points. Once you choose to internalize them as being yours, as being part of who you are, you are developing your identity as a person of character.


  1. Make a decision to become a person of good character, no matter what the cost. 
  2. Identify specific, positive character qualities that you desire to add to your life, those attributes that make you a person of character.  Make a list, putting each character quality and its definition on a 3x5 card you can easily carry around.
  3. Focus on one character quality at a time in order to understand its nature, meaning, importance, and benefits.
  4. Relate each character quality to both the workplace and family, discovering how you can apply it, and experience its rewards.
  5. Choose to recognize how your co-workers or family members demonstrate the character qualities you need in your life, praising them for specific qualities and learning from them.

Character determines your response to pressure in every area of your life.  Increasing your understanding of the KLLP™ and the character qualities that are innate to each of them helps you predict the results of your words, actions, and attitudes.  Then observing the character of others helps you identify their LIFE Languages™, and relate better to them.  

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