LIFE Languages™ International is our market place division where we teach the God-given Biblical instructions for healthy relationships.  Everything we teach from this market place division is EEOC and applicable for everyone regardless of ethnicity, culture or faith. 

Kendall LIFE Languages™ (KLM™) is our ministry division, you could say it is the heart of everything LIFE Languages™!  Through KLM™ the Biblical principals of LIFE Languages™ are expressed openly and taught by digging deeper into the Word of God. 

Through our KLM™ website you will learn more about the heart of our organization and how we wish to serve the heart of your organization, group, company, church or family.  Spending a few minutes reading through our KLM™ content will offer you more insight into our ministry programs, workshops, resources and counseling. 

We are happy to answer any questions you have about the Kendall LIFE™ Ministries.  Please feel free to contact us any time!

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