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Learn your
communication style
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Act First
“Come on, let's just get on with it.”
Feel First icon
Feel First
“I don't know how I feel about that.”
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Think First
“I need to think about that more.”
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If we don’t recognize the language, we end up talking past each other.
One might want to connect, another wants to plan, and the last one already got started!
Being able to recognize and switch to someone else’s communication style is a critical step in becoming an effective communicator.
What is your primary Life Language?
Learn more about these 7 languages
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Anna Crowe, Crowe PR
“Life Languages is the most positive step anyone can take to improve on this age-old problem of communication. I cannot recommend a better program.”
Lt. Tim Rich, Sheriff's Department Denton County
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I enjoy the following activities:

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Listening to the concerns of others
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Meeting new people
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Leading and delegating
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Reading and studying
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Entertaining frequently
Your Life Languages
Jul 3, 2024
Professional Profiles go deeper into learning preferences, acceptance levels, intensity, leadership style, susceptibility to stress and more.
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Your top Life Language is:
Contemplators tend to be analytical, detail-oriented, thinker types. They are persistent, good problem solvers.
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Develop communication skills
Learn your communication style and identify keys to succeed for personal and professional development.
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Motivate others
Identify the words, cues, and drives to connect and collaborate with others helping you lead effectively.
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Reduce friction
Prevent unnecessary misunderstandings and learn the warning signs of distress in yourself and others.
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personal growth

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For those looking to better understand themselves and the different communication styles.
The Life Languages Chart: Your Life Languages in order of preference
Range & Gaps: Your current ability to switch to others Languages
Overall Intensity Level: Your drive to be heard
4 Success Keys to understand, motivate, and validate each language
2 Development Habits for  personal growth
Career Information for leadership style, ideal roles and professions
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For those looking to develop their career, lead others, and deeper personal insight.
Everything in the Personal Profile plus…
Acceptance Level: How you view yourself
Interactive Style: Working alone or in groups
Internal Control Level: Disciplined vs. impulsive
Intrusion Level: Ability to handle interruptions or distractions
Projective Indicator: How important other's perceptions and opinions are
Learning Preferences: Physical,  visual, or auditory
Communication Strategy Guide for each language
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