We love great communication

Our mission is to help you communicate. To learn why you act, feel, and think as you do and better understand others around you.

We believe that good communicators create the best workplaces and the strongest relationships.

Life Languages is a simple way to understand, motivate, and lead others
Educating people on communication skills.
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“Life Languages has allowed us to support our vision through deeper relationships and productive communication. This tool can not only assist within a corporate culture but in every personal relationship.”
Kevin Bergeron
President and CEO, miEnergy
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Our Mission

We educate organizations who want to grow their communication skills
Good communication isn't easy. It's a learned skill. But with the right understanding, you and your team can validate, motivate, and lead others.
The first step is to understand we all perceive the world in different ways. With a little curiosity, those differences can be our guide in listening to others.

What Makes Us Different

A clear framework to understand and adapt to others
Other tools tell you about yourself, but not what to do with that information or how to bridge communication gaps. Life Languages is the only communication tool that is descriptive and prescriptive—helping you understand yourself and connect with others.
“80% of management problems are a result of faulty communication.”
Peter Drucker
Meet the team behind 
Life Languages
Fred & Anna Kendall
Allison Hendrickson
Director of Operations
Shaper · Responder · Contemplator
Chris Walker
Chief Technology Officer
Producer · Doer · Contemplator
Jenni Sanford-Nedoszytko
Director of Global Coaches
Shaper · Mover · Producer
Carolyn Santos
Director of Coach Onboarding & Support
Responder · Doer · Producer
David Clarke
IT Project Manager
Shaper · Contemplator · Doer
Sean Carpenter
IT Solutions Manager
Contemplator · Responder · Doer
Kristine Hall
Executive Administrative Assistant
Shaper · Responder · Influencer
Paul Nedoszytko
Master Coach
Influencer · Mover · Shaper
Oh by the way, we’re hiring!
We're on the lookout for communicators, creators, and catalysts for change. If you're passionate about making an impact and cultivating a culture of clarity and connection, explore your next career opportunity with us.
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